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(LS = League Standing,   OR = Overal Record,   HG = Home Games,   GAH = Games At Home This Day)

Generally - Minimum Number Of Home Games = Integer(InSeasonGames / 2) - 1
(Issues such as lack of field availability, and other factors can cause this to be reduced)

Division Division-(1/2) Number Of In-Season Games Min. Home Games
Cub N/A 7 2
Jr. Mighty Mite N/A 9 3
Mighty Mite N/A 7 2
Tiny Mite N/A 7 2
Jr Pee Wee Open(1) 7 2
Pee Wee Open(1) 7 2
Jr Midget Open(1) 7 2
Midget Open(1) 7 2
Jr Pee Wee Regional (2) 6 2
Pee Wee Regional (2) 7 2
Jr Midget Regional (2) 7 2
Varsity N/A 7 2

Note That All Tackle Teams (except Tiny Mite) will eventually play 10 games
Unless the team pulls a "Bye", in which case that team will have 9 games.

Games involving Div-3 (Regional) teams playing Div-2 (Open) teams ARE used to
 compute Overall Record (such games ARE allowed, and ARE scheduled).