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AssocTeam IDTeam NameDivisionDiv1/ Div2DrawLeague StandingOverall AverageLeag. WinsLeag. LossesLeag. TiesNon Leag. WinsNon Leag. LossesNon Leag. TiesHome GamesAvg Sprd
ANANJMM1RamsJr Mighty Mite0150
ANANJPW1RamsJr Pee Wee2300.000000000040
ANANJV1RamsJr Varsity2300.000000000050
ANANMM1RamsMighty Mite3300.000000000060
ANANPW1RamsPee Wee2300.000000000060
ANANTM1RamsTiny Mite0040
BRBRJPW1Wildcats - GreenJr Pee Wee2300.000000000050
BRBRJPW2Wildcats - GoldJr Pee Wee1200.000000000040
BRBRJV1WildcatsJr Varsity1100.000000000040
BRBRMM1WildcatsMighty Mite3100.000000000040
BRBRPW1WildcatsPee Wee2200.000000000060
FUFUJMM1TitansJr Mighty Mite0250
FUFUJPW4TitansJr Pee Wee2400.000000000030
FUFUJV1TitansJr Varsity2400.000000000050
FUFUMM1TitansMighty Mite3300.000000000050
FUFUPW1TitansPee Wee2200.000000000050
GGGGJV1BulldogsJr Varsity2400.000000000050
GGGGMM1BulldogsMighty Mite3100.000000000050
GGGGPW1BulldogsPee Wee2300.000000000030
HBHBC1Gold ChargersChallenger0240
HBHBC2Green ChargersChallenger0140
HBHBJPW1ChargersJr Pee Wee1100.000000000030
HBHBJV1Green ChargersJr Varsity1200.000000000040
HBHBMM1 ChargersMighty Mite3200.000000000020
HBHBPW1ChargersPee Wee1100.000000000020
LALAJMM1GriffinsJr Mighty Mite0150
LALAJPW1Blue GriffinsJr Pee Wee1100.000000000040
LALAJPW2Red GriffinsJr Pee Wee1200.000000000040
LALAJV1Blue GriffinsJr Varsity1200.000000000040
LALAJV2Red GriffinsJr Varsity1100.000000000040
LALAMM1GriffinsMighty Mite3200.000000000030
LALAPW1Blue GriffinsPee Wee1100.000000000050
LALAPW2Red GriffinsPee Wee1100.000000000030
LBLBJMM1Grey 49ersJr Mighty Mite0130
LBLBJMM2Blue 49ersJr Mighty Mite0240
LBLBJPW149ersJr Pee Wee2300.000000000020
LBLBJV149ersJr Varsity2400.000000000040
LBLBPW149ersPee Wee2300.000000000040
LBLBTM149ersTiny Mite0030
LHLHJPW1 LionsJr Pee Wee1200.000000000080
LHLHJV1LionsJr Varsity2300.000000000030
LHLHMM1LionsMighty Mite3100.000000000030
LHLHTM1LionsTiny Mite0060
LMLMJMM2Gold MatadoresJr Mighty Mite0140
LMLMJPW1Blue MatadoresJr Pee Wee1200.000000000040
LMLMJV1Blue MatadoresJr Varsity1100.000000000050
LMLMJV2Gold MatadoresJr Varsity2300.000000000060
LMLMMM1Blue MatadoresMighty Mite3300.000000000060
LMLMMM2Gold MatadoresMighty Mite3100.000000000020
LMLMPW1Blue MatadoresPee Wee1100.000000000050
LMLMTM1Blue MatadoersTiny Mite0030
LWLWJMM1LancersJr Mighty Mite0130
LWLWJPW1LancersJr Pee Wee1100.000000000050
LWLWJV1LancersJr Varsity1100.000000000040
LWLWMM1LancersMighty Mite3300.000000000030
LWLWTM1 LancersTiny Mite0030
NLBNLBJMM1PanthersJr Mighty Mite0160
NLBNLBJPW1PanthersJr Pee Wee2400.000000000030
NLBNLBMM1PanthersMighty Mite3200.000000000040
NLBNLBTM1PanthersTiny Mite0050
NMNMCHPatriotsChallenger 150
NMNMMMPatriotsMighty Mite3100.000000000030
ORORJMM1ChiefsJr Mighty Mite0270
ORORJPW1 ChiefsJr Pee Wee2300.000000000030
ORORJV1Red ChiefsJr Varsity1200.000000000050
ORORJV2Black ChiefsJr Varsity2400.000000000020
ORORPW1ChiefsPee Wee2300.000000000050
SASAJMM1MonarchsJr Mighty Mite0240
SASAJPW1MonarchsJr Pee Wee2400.000000000030
SASAJV1MonarchsJr Varsity2300.000000000040
SASAMM1MonarchsMighty Mite3100.000000000030
SASAPW1MonarchsPee Wee2200.000000000050
SASATM1Red MonarchsTiny Mite0040
SCSCJMM1Black TritonsJr Mighty Mite0240
SCSCJPW1BlackTritonsJr Pee Wee1100.000000000040
SCSCJPW2Red TritonsJr Pee Wee1200.000000000060
SCSCJV1Black TritonsJr Varsity2300.000000000030
SCSCMM1Red TritonsMighty Mite3200.000000000060
SCSCPW1Red TritonsPee Wee1100.000000000050
SCSCPW2Blue DolphinsPee Wee2200.000000000040
SGSGJMM1AztecsJr Mighty Mite0140
SGSGJPW1AztecsJr Pee Wee2400.000000000050
SGSGJVAztecsJr Varsity2300.000000000020
SGSGMMAztecsMighty Mite3100.000000000020
SMSMJMM1TitansJr Mighty Mite0150
SMSMJPW1StallionsJr Pee Wee2300.000000000060
SMSMJPW5MustangsJr Pee Wee2400.000000000030
SMSMJV4TitansJr Varsity1100.000000000040
SMSMJV6CowboysJr Varsity1200.000000000040
SMSMMM1TitansMighty Mite3300.000000000030
SMSMPW1CowboysPee Wee2200.000000000060
SMSMPW3StallionsPee Wee1100.000000000050
SMSMTM1CowboysTiny Mite0050
SVSVJMM1BearsJr Mighty Mite0260
SVSVJPW1Blue BearsJr Pee Wee2400.000000000020
SVSVJPW2Gold BearsJr Pee Wee2300.000000000030
SVSVJV1LionsJr Varsity1100.000000000040
SVSVJV2Blue BearsJr Varsity2400.000000000020
SVSVMM1BearsMighty Mite3300.000000000040
SVSVPW1Blue BearsPee Wee1100.000000000050
SVSVPW2Black BearsPee Wee2300.000000000030
SVSVTM1BearsTiny Mite0040
TUTUJPW1CobrasJr Pee Wee1100.000000000060
TUTUJV1CobrasJr Varsity1200.000000000030
TUTUPW1CobrasPee Wee1100.000000000060
TWCTWCF1 WolverinesCub0010
TWCTWCPW1WolverinesPee Wee2200.000000000010
WHWHMM1TrojansMighty Mite3200.000000000040
WHWHPW1TrojansPee Wee2300.000000000030
WHWHTM1TrojansTiny Mite0030
YLYLJMM1JetsJr Mighty Mite0260
YLYLJPW1SeahawksJr Pee Wee1100.000000000050
YLYLJPW2BroncosJr Pee Wee2300.000000000050
YLYLJV3JaguarsJr Varsity1200.000000000030
YLYLMM1GiantsMighty Mite3200.000000000030

Div1 = Open,  Div2 = Regional
"League Standing" computation
Win   = 2 Points
Tie    = 1 Point
Loss = 0 Points

Leauge Standing = (Wins x 2) + (Ties x 1) + (Losses x 0)

Example: 4 Wins 2 Losses 1 Tie
League Standing = (4 x 2) + (1 x 1) + (2 x 0)
League Standing = 8 + 1 + 0
League Standing = 9

Only games designated as League Games
are included in the calculation.  These are
games against teams that are within the
same League/Draw of a given playing division
“Overall Record” computation
X = Total Number Of  Games Played By A Team
W = Number of Wins (Both League and Non-League)
T = Number of Ties (Both League and Non-League)
Overall Record = ((W x 2) + T) / (X x 2)

For Example:
6 = Total Number of Games
4 = Number of Wins (Both League and Non-League)
1 = Number of Ties (Both League and Non-League)
Overall Record = ((4 x 2) + 1) / (6 x 2)
Overall Record = (8 + 1) / 12
Overall Record = 9 / 12
Overall Record = 0.75

"Overall Record" counting Byes equivalent to Wins determines Wild Card Teams.

 "Overall Record" excluding Byes altogether determines seeding in the play-off ladder
Although Byes do not count as a "WIN", in order to comply with OEC rules relating to Byes, and provide you with meaningful statistics, the computation used here shows what numerical score will be used in determining who will be placed into play-offs.  Therefore, Byes counted as wins are currently displayed in the above statistics.

Games involving Div-3 teams playing Div-2 teams ARE used to compute Overall Record (such games ARE allowed, and ARE scheduled).

Games cancelled due to uncontrollable conditions (such as, but not limited to, fire or flood) will be registered as a tie.