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Our area of coverage is all of Orange County and some of Los Angeles County
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time corrections are made. Please, always check with your Head coach to see if something may have changed

Our Conference

The Orange Empire Conference is a Pop Warner Little Scholars organization providing Football, Cheerleading, and Scholastic programs for boys and girls from ages 5 to 15 through its various member Associations since February 24, 1986.  Tackle football and associated cheerleading programs are provided in all of our 28 member Associations. In addition, flag football programs are currently provided in 20 of the Associations. There are seven separate tackle football divisions.  Each year OEC serves approximately 24,000 people in over 260 teams.

The Orange Empire Conference is a California non-profit public benefit corporation, operated on a day-to-day basis by an elected Commissioner, Bobby Espinosa, assisted by various other  elected officers. A Board made up of Commissioners and the Presidents of the 26 member Associations establishes the rules and policies for the Conference.

The Orange Empire Conference is one of 15 Conferences in what is known as the WESCON region. The WESCON region is one of 8 National regions, and includes Conferences in Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii, as well as other Conferences in Southern California.

The Conference boundaries include all of Orange County and much of Los Angeles County.

Players and Cheerleaders residing within the boundaries of an existing Association must participate with that Association, unless they obtain a waiver from the Association prior to registration.  Players and Cheerleaders, who reside outside the boundaries of an existing Association, are free to participate with the Association of their choice.

Our Philosophy

Pop Warner Football is an international program, founded in 1929. Its National headquarters is located in Langhorne, Pa. Pop Warner Football incorporates a philosophy that academics and athletics go together.

There are no All-star teams in Pop Warner Football.   Indeed, the only awards, which are permitted, are for academics at the local, Conference or National level.

Tryouts are not permitted in Pop Warner Football. The program incorporates a "first come first served" approach to sign-ups until teams and cheerleading squads have been filled, although preference may be given to returning participants. All teams are required to follow rules guaranteeing a certain number of minimum plays for all participants .

Contact Information

Please See Our Contacts Page for contacting individual Associations/Cities in your area.

Electronic Email :

Postal Mail: Orange Empire Conference, Inc. P.O. Box 7652, Huntington Beach, CA  92615-7652

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Although OEC strives to make information contained on this web site as accurate as possible, from time to time corrections are made.

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Our Coaches in the Orange Empire Conference of Pop Warner are expertly trained and pass a National Coaching Certification Program, CPR/First Aid Certification, Jamz Cheer Safety Camp and Football HELMET-FREE-TACKLE Safety & Performance Certification Clinic at a minimum.

In addition many of our Football and Cheer Coaches spend countless hours training, attending camps and/or clinics to further their knowledge to help make the Orange Empire Conference of Pop Warner one of the Nations Leaders in Youth Football and Cheer and all done on a volunteer basis and much of it out of their own pocket.

The Orange Empire Conference would like to thank all of our Volunteers!!!

If you think your athlete has sustained a concussion…don’t assess it yourself.  Take him/her out of play, and seek the advice of a health care professional.

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